10 thoughts on “In response to ‘The Decision’”

  1. I can proudly say that I had no clue who the hell Steve Carell is.

    I have TV but if there’s not a Braves game on, forget it, I have a book to read.

    • Gary and Mike the ethnic slur didn’t have anything to do with not knowing Steve Carell. It was all about some one that might have been from Tennessee.

  2. Tehobu, my comment was really not about S Carell. It was about not being ashamed nor alarmed by failing to recognize someone because of their “celebrity status”, and showing a little solidarity with Tennessee Budd because he appears to be a “who gives a shit” type as well.

    • Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you by thinking you was a nice person. Not saying you’re not,,don’t know you.

  3. No offense taken. I often go the extra step to try to make myself understood and usually manage to make things murkier. 🙂

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