11 thoughts on “The Bellamy Brothers – Jalapenos”

  1. Duuude, I think you missed the point of the song. Are we moving forward or backward? The clown that was elected has no experience and I have not seen any CHANGE.

  2. No change eh? Get the blinds off. Healthcare reform happened right under your noses. Nobody has started needless wars, nobody has killed 3,000 American soldiers for no good reason. Nobody has spent 1 trillion dollars to avenge his daddy.

    I don’t see a point in the song. Complaints about guns being taken away… wow… I don’t know who took away his gun, but, whatever.

    Drill, Baby, Drill! Vote Sarah Palin next time if you’re not happy with the guy in charge. I’m sure she’ll rock your world when she pushes that button because she thinks the Russians are looking at her.

    You guys had your turn for 8 years. Now take the back seat and enjoy the new majority’s choice.

    Yes we did!

    • Good point Miss Cellania. They took a bunch of made up “problems” and wrote a song about them. And they blamed all their made up problems on the current administration.

      Sounded like an infomercial where they throw a bunch a slap stick “has this ever happened to you???” outrageous situations where people overreact and over dramatize stuff just to sell some cheap piece of plastic that will fix it all for just $19.95, plus $12.99 shipping and handling.

      But, there are people still drinking the cool aid. If a celebrity told me so, then it must be true.

  3. Back to the Bellamy Brothers, this one is my fav. It’s kind of cute and brings back some memories. And when I listen to this song, I think of all the beautiful peoples that I have met thru this wonderful site, Thanks to Jonco. Enjoy.

    • Grumpy, you and many peole are complaining about Bush. Please enlighten me on what Bush did that was so upsetting to you.

  4. Typical for you people that are close minded and one sided. Anyone notice the mock of Palin in the video? Tiger Woods (i didn’t know he was a politician?)I didn’t hear anything of George W. or the “right wing” being the saviors or better halves. The song purely describes the coruption of society as we know it and all the problems that we are facing. Crawl out of your holes and open your eyes and think for yourselves. Quit having that “Yeah what he said!” attitude and go out and preach your own values and ideals. No wonder our world is going to hell in a hand basket. I think they portrayed it just how it is.

  5. You don’t have a clue what Palin has done .
    But she did not spend over a Trillion dollars in six months.
    I understand that was enough to give every man woman and child in the US a Million dollars each.
    And they would have bought home cars paid off bills .
    So we would not have to have bailed out Fannie and Freddie GM ect ect.
    Before you knock Sarah walk a mile in her shoes and put up with the crooked politicians like she did.

    At least she did not vote her self a raise and vote against raising min wage increase.
    I vote 8 year limits on congress make them go out and get a real job..

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