5 thoughts on “Bad luck sisters”

  1. local news here ,we had a old woman drive in the same liquor store for the second time ,she “claimed” her brakes went out for a second time too,1300 bottles of wine broke

    • Bella, you be careful driving up there. 🙂 You don’t want to add moosebumps to your ailments.

      • I kicked one right in the @ss last summer when he was pooping on my lawn. I work hard to keep my place looking nice and then when I quieted the doggies down…well I’m still here but the moose isn’t. I’m trying to make a long story short. They are dumb as a stick and really mean. F@#k ’em. Stay out of my yard. 100 Mile House is just down the road from me but if you travel in this country, you best be looking for eyeballs and assholes everywhere. Never mind the Indians, this used to be their land.

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