8 thoughts on “Hottest gadgets of the 1980’s”

  1. I have or have had of those,I still have the disc player it had a really big disc like a lp record

  2. My first VHS was a Panasonic that came in two parts. One was the viewing unit and the other was the recording unit/camera. The camera unit weighted about five or six pounds so it stretched the definition of portable…

  3. Only 90% of households have a microwave? Serious? Who are these 10% and do they even have electricity?

  4. Got our first camcorder in ’89. About 16″ long, weighed about 15 lbs and rested on your shoulder, used a full size VHS tape and had a battery the size of a can of soda but heavier. Loads of fun dragging that around Wally World for a few days.

  5. OMG! I remember how bad I wanted a walkman. When I finally got one my parents lost me, I had those headphones on all the time. Standard attire: A hoodie with a pocket so I could carry it and extra tapes.

  6. Hmm, looks like they got the acronym for VHS wrong. VHS originally stood for Victor Home System. It was made by Victor Company of Japan otherwise known as JVC. Over the years uninformed people assumed that the “V” stood for video and the wrong meaning became widely popular to describe VHS as Video Home System.

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