Covered bridge tour ends

Union bridge
This is the West Union Covered Bridge.  It’s located a little north-northeast of Montezuma Indiana.  It is the longest covered bridge in Parke County Indiana.  It spans 334 feet including the roof overhangs on each end.  It was built in 1876.  More info on this bridge can be found
here.  This bridge was no longer in use by traffic but quite a few still are.

We made it home safe and sound and rain-free.  I’ll post more from the trip on Monday.  Now it’s time to unpack, play with the dogs and wash motorcycles and then take a nice and long cool shower. 

Things at B&P should be back to normal Monday.

8 thoughts on “Covered bridge tour ends”

    • We had a great time and, yes, everyone was very polite. Lots of nice people in Indiana. And some great roads for riding. … except that one gravel one.

  1. Great place to visit. We spent the weekend there back in the late 90’s – Probably a WEE bit closer for us though. . .

  2. I’ve always found American covered bridges fascinating. I wonder where the idea came from and if it has any other purpose than aesthetic ?

  3. Parke County is one of the most beautiful areas in the US. Of course, I may be biased… I grew up about 8 miles from where that picture was taken.

    So many of the covered bridges are no longer standing. Unfortunately, arsonists have burned several of the bridges.

    The site you linked to has a page with pictures and descriptions of bridges of the past.

    I look forward to hearing more about your trip.

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