Road Trip – Fishing in the gulf

My daughter (Krisgo) and her family are on family road trip vacation.  They headed out Wednesday.    Their first stop was on Destin Florida after a night somewhere in Mississippi.  On Destin Beach they collected a cup of oil “sea turds” but apparently it wasn’t too bad –  yet.  They did a little fishing and my son-in-law caught this sand shark guitarfish (below).  After a day in Destin they ran into the tail of Hurricane Alex and got pretty wet, so they headed east to Jacksonville.  They stayed there a couple of nights and are heading up towards Savannah Georgia on Friday.


Sand shark2 Sand shark
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10 thoughts on “Road Trip – Fishing in the gulf”

  1. Wow, would I love to fish there. Have fun Krisgo and family.
    I’ve never seen one of those, kinda looks like it has a happy little face. That’s not oil dripping out of it’s little mouth, is it? OR is that not a mouth…

  2. We were thinking maybe it had a ray’s mouth, but we were just guessin’.
    Thanks for well wishes! Now off to Charleston, SC…

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