Covered bridges of Indiana ride this weekend

We’re heading out tomorrow afternoon for a ride through Illinois into Indiana.  Indiana is supposed to have more than 90 covered bridges still in existence.  We plan to visit a few.  I’m not sure where our fascination with covered bridges came from, except that there’s one not too far from my house that I accidentally discovered one day a few years ago while out on a ride.  After that we looked into it and discovered that Missouri only has four covered bridges left.  I think we’ve been to three of those.

Indiana ride2

 We’ll probably spend Friday night in Terre Haute and then Saturday ride to some bridges and then there’s supposed to be a nice scenic ride around and/or through Hoosier National Forest.   We’ll probably spend Saturday night in Bloomington and coming back to St. Louis on Sunday afternoon.  About  550 miles total if we stick with the original plan. 

If anyone has any suggestions of things to see or good places to eat along the way, please let us know.  I’ll be checking in during the evenings.

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  1. Looks like awesome weather for it…Have fun!

    We have over 125 of them here in Ohio…I live within ten minutes of two of them. One is drivable, one is closed to traffic and is used for community picnics, dances, summer concerts, etc.

    Ashtabula County in the northeastern corner of Ohio has 16 of them.

  2. You’ve showed us some pics before of covered bridges and I have never seen one myself. Some of the history behind them is pretty interesting too. Have a safe trip, Jonco and friends.
    BTW, it’s Canada Day up here and doing what most Canucks are doing today. Having a blast! Happy Canada Day, my friends.

  3. Happy Canada Day, Bella. I faced Canada and saluted this morning. (The border is only about 30 miles/680 milicentiliters north of me. It’s out in the middle of the lake, but, whatever, eh?)

  4. Go north of Terre Haute toward mansfeild, thats where we have covered bridge fest every fall. Vincennes has George Roger Clark memorial and stuff is pretty cool down there. Then theres McCormicks creek east of spencer, good place to stretch your legs.

  5. Thanks eh DJ. I appreciate that. I was thinking that Jonco was going thru hoosier forest as a tribute to us Canucks too and then I thought that maybe I had spelled that wrong? heheh.

  6. Stop by Effingham Harley-Davidson. Its built in an old barn. Cool place. Get me a shirt (3x) LOL!


    • LOL – Souvenirs for everybody! But I have to wait until my trunk flies open and my stuff flies out before I’ll have any room to carry them. 🙂

  7. Since you plan to be in Bloomington & Hoosier National Forest… plan to spend some time in Nashville, IN (looks like you have it already programmed into your map). It’s worth the time, TONS of great shops and restaurants. You could spend a whole day there easily.

    I love the idea of your ride to see Covered Bridges. Have fun!

  8. Woohoo! You will driving within a few miles of where I live! You should detour down to French Lick (its only a couple of miles to the south of where you will be at near Mitchell). They have the West Baden Springs Hotel ( and the French Lick Casino that have very pretty pictures to be taken. Plus its the home of Larry Bird. Have fun!

  9. As one of the commenters mentioned, you need to go north of Terre Haute to Parke County. Lots of covered bridges up there. They hold the Covered Bridge Festival there every fall (2nd thru 3rd weekends in October). Lots of food, crafts, antiques, etc. Was better 30 years ago before the ‘velvet Elvis’ tents took over but still a good time. They offer maps and ‘tours’ through four or five routes that include many covered bridges on each. Have a great, safe trip.

  10. You will be in my neck of the woods, a midwest motorcyclist dream. Looks like you will be going though Story, its a nice place to take a beak, lots of bikes there. In the Hoosier National Forest there are some very nice roads, some real nice ones if you are on a dual sport(gravel). Keep an eye out for creeks near the National Forest there are some good spots for geode rocks, the kind you break open and they have crystals. There is one place in particular where there are tonnes of them, but I do not want to give it way on a public website.

  11. Everytime I drive by Effingham it’s always funny to me.

    “Dammit I said I wanted roast beef, not Effingham!”

    Probably an old joke. Dunno.

  12. Bloomington (just outside) is Busy Corner Restaurant. A local place everyone knows about.
    302 Eureka Street, Goodfield, IL 61742, (309) 965-2361
    Prepare for the pie…

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