10 thoughts on “Gramps has still got it”

  1. He has a good sense of rhythm and the young guys canโ€™t keep up with him! At least he is up there, good for him! I wish my husband would dance!You go Gramps!

  2. Watch the people at the tables — no reaction at all. I’d be stomping and clapping for the old dude!!

  3. I figure in about twenty years I will be his age; I better damn well be able to rock like this dude! People at the tables are either stunned with amazement or totally jealous. Rock on daddy!

  4. what tamigirlrocks said! those young bucks couldnt keep up with him, and didnt have ANY rhythm at all. they tried to make fun of him but ended up looking like the fools ๐Ÿ™‚

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