Camera rolls as tornado hits home

A YouTube user recorded a tornado approaching his farm in Clarks Grove, Minnesota on Thursday, and kept the camera rolling as it moved directly over his home. The second half of the video was recorded from the safety of his basement, and goes dark when the twister knocks out electricity. The videographer, Mike Callahan, tells WCCO-TV the tornado killed his horse and destroyed a barn and 50-foot silo.


5 thoughts on “Camera rolls as tornado hits home”

    • Thanks for sharing that with us Carl. I was wondering what happened after the storm. I try not to judge people in times of trauma or grief because everyone handles it in their own way.

  1. Why do I remember hearing that you should let the livestock run free? Why didn’t this guy do that? He seemed more bent up about his boat than the horse.

  2. That storm really mesmerized that man. Awesome video. The few Minnesota folk I’ve met all have that similar calm acceptance about them. His place really took a hit. Maybe the horse was already free in a pasture.

  3. That was horrifying!

    Still, I want to know what cell phone company they have that they can still get reception under the bed, in the basement, during a tornado! That’s some outstanding service!

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