Meeting me – Meeting you

Jonco Steve HI had the pleasure of meeting B&P reader Steve H, aka Observr last night at the World Naked Bike Ride –  St. Louis.  Steve and his band, Buck The Trend, were playing at the Petra Cafe and Hookah Lounge which was across the street from the bike ride starting point.  They play an alternative rock.  Steve plays guitar for the band.  I also met Steve’s son and some of his friends.

The bar, which was quite unique with it’s $1.50 mystery beers and hookahs (I had to look it up too –  I guess I led a sheltered life).  Several band members were playing in their briefs to show solidarity with the naked bike riders.  Thankfully Steve wasn’t. (There must be a god.)

Buck the trend1   Buck the trend2b

3 thoughts on “Meeting me – Meeting you”

  1. It was great to meet you and the lovely lady at the hookah bar, sorry I wasn’t able to hang around but when the hungries call (and you’re that close to the City Diner) you gotta answer. Thanks also for the awesome blog, it’s not a day if I don’t get to read it.

  2. hookahs are great! I dont know why but there basically non-addictive and almost as fun as regular smokes. If they were not so large I would get one for my monthly poker games.

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