7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Open Mic”

  1. Sitting here, reading the Sunday paper a bit ago (our overseas friends may not realize, this is a major event in most U.S. households, and the newspaper is much larger) I got to thinking about my experience with a “wild animal park” in Irvine Texas. A small town in the middle of the city of Dallas-Ft. Worth. Early 80’s.

    They gave you a bucket of food, and you drove through the park. COOL! I started with both of the windows of my subcompact car down. 50 feet in, and I had FOUR zebra heads INSIDE my car. Now, four horses would be fun. But where horse fur is soft, zebra fur is about like a metal bristle brush. NOT fun. I had a giraffe eat out of my hand. An ostrich pressed his body against the drivers window, with his head and neck inside the car, head sometimes only inches from my face. Greedy little monster, he took 1/4 of my food before I realized what he was doing. There was a hippo. The deadliest creature in Africa. The way THE HIPPO was handling us, he was standing by the side of the road. A car would drive up. He would open his mouth. You’d throw some food in. He’d close his mouth. And you’d drive on. I had a baby rhino standing next to my car, looking up at me from two feet away. But the mom was getting kind of nervous, me being in a car kind of the color and shape of a strange rhino. . . so I drove on.

    They went out of business many years ago, but I’d do such a drive in a minute if I had the chance.

  2. I read B&P regularly. Great work and Happy Father’s Day Jonco! Please take a quick look at how a Lost GPS found me at my Blog:Here and then come right back.

  3. I am enjoying father’s day. My wife made me a breakfast of chili dogs and later she plans to buy me a #1 dad mug.

  4. Thanks for the Father’s Day wishes. We went to lunch and to see Toy Story 3D this afternoon. I enjoyed it. Some said they didn’t do enough 3D stuff, but I thought it was just fine. Some movied do way to much, just because they can.
    I hope everyone of you have or had a good weekend.

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