Doe, a deer, a female deer


We were sitting around our dining room table playing a game.  We have vertical blinds on a window in our living room that are pretty much floor to ceiling and Trixie likes to poke her head between the slats and watch the bunnies and  groundhogs frolic in the back yard.  She gets a little excited when she sees them.  About 20 minutes ago she started barking and was a little more excited that usual.  I stood up and looked out the dining room window and saw the doe above.  She stood there for a short time looking towards the house and the barking dog within.  Long enough for me to get my camera out and snap this picture just as she headed for the woods.

16 thoughts on “Doe, a deer, a female deer”

  1. Cool!

    I just had a racoon visitor. My cat didn’t like that, so he went after it…inspite of my protests. This racoon’s been around a few times (he’s a big one, too!), so maybe I should keep my camera handy.

  2. Jonco, doe-s this mean you love wildlife deerly?
    Do you fawn over them, or wood you buck the treend and scope them out whenever they camo-ver?

    • When we were building the deck they were there every day. I have several pictures of them then, but have only seen them in the back yard every now and then recently. Wouldn’t have seen this one either if Trixie hadn’t been looking out the window. We have a giant groundhog that plays in the yard often. That’s what I thought she saw at first, but she was more excited than normal.

  3. Weird. We saw that same doe yesterday here in Tucson. I’m pretty sure they don’t allow deer to buy airline tickets because of terrorism laws involving antlers. So how did she travel so far in one day? Amtrak allows deer to buy tickets, but those trains aren’t that fast. Neither is Greyhound.


  4. We have a hedgehog in our backyard. My boyfriend goes out for smokes at night and hears it sniffing around for food.

    Animal visitors always make me smile. 😀

  5. Are deer a rare sight where you live? If you’d like to see more, please take all you want. We’re loaded with deer in NJ. This morning our dogs were going crazy because of a bear crossing our front yard.

    • We see them in the neighborhood every now and then… not to rare, but I usually don’t get a picture of them. Thanks, but you can keep your bears.

  6. My 80 lb diva dog is usually pretty quiet when the deer come up behind my fence. Occasionaly a group of does bed down there for the night. My dog and the does will look each other over and seem to have decided there is no threat across the fence. I have a kitchen compost pile back there and the deer come up to see what looks good. We have racoons, groundhogs and even a fox appears once in a while. No bears, thank goodness. But my son saw one while hiking in a nearby park last summer. They are getting more numerous in NE Ohio

  7. I once found a severed deer head in my mom’s front yard. I have pics somewhere. It was freakin awesome.

  8. Jonco, I am quite sure that she was looking after her twins. If food is plentiful, Deer always have twins and sometimes triplets. Driving around here can be hazardous to your vehicle.

  9. jonco watch out! it could be the deer that pwned the dog in the video you posted a few days ago! It looks like its getting its legs ready for warfare!

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