8 thoughts on “A cat playing in the bath”

  1. AWWWWWWW, kitty~!!! I wish my cat would play with water that way; it would make bath time much less traumatic for the whole house!

  2. Ana – calm down. Even though cats don’t need to be bathed, some cats actually do like water. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but they do. It isn’t torture for them. If this cat was being traumatised by the water, it wouldn’t be in there. If you look at the rest of the video clip (instead of being upset by a GIF), you’d see that this cat was NOT in any hurry to get out of the water. Just calm down, will you? Geez!


    • Pretty much this. It’s not like the cat is being held in the water.

      Besides, are you telling me that if your cat were to get covered in mud or something you’d just leave it alone to clean itself off? Licking up all that mud or whatever? No, you’d give it a bath.

  3. I’ve got a kids small swimming pool in the backyard for my doggies to cool down on a hot day and they have to keep chasing the neighbours cat out of it.

  4. As a kid, every summer I’d toss the kitties in the cows’ water trough. I don’t think the girls here could possibly understand the entertainment value of that.

    • Careful with that, Scott. Someone might have a conniption fit. I’m not naming names or pointing fingers…

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