7 thoughts on “Swype – A new way to text”

    • I installed it on my Droid and either it doesn’t work or I’m doing something wrong. But I haven’t had a lot of time to mess with it.

  1. hey Jonco I was going to get a droid,but I dont want the internet just a phone and text so I cant get one Im not paying 60 a month for a phone

    • I like it, but I don’t need the real keyboard, just the virtual one. The keys on the keyboard are just too small for my fingers. I don’t really text with it. I have a WordPress app on it so I can moderate comments on my 3 websites when I’m out and about. Typing isn’t fun, so I don’t comment much when I’m on it. I was hoping the Swype app might make typing easier, but it didn’t work on first try.

  2. definitely not new, though…used this (or a variant) several years ago on my old windows mobile phone. Just could never get the hang of it.

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