5 thoughts on “How do we get oil?”

  1. Ah, Jeez. I won’t get started on this today. I’ll wait and see what your Pres. and BP executives can come up with at their meeting. Day 58.

    Lots of earthquakes though lately, interesting…

  2. Bella…Hang in there. It took the Ditherer-In-Chief a couple of weeks to visit the Gulf (he thought they said “golf” so he really worked hard on that) and a couple of months to address the nation. And what a speech it was LOL. He should be up to speed on this soon. Well, as soon as he fires his teleprompter team and hires a new one.

    My favorite line from “The Greatest Orator Since Plato” is when he describes the America he wants for our children: “Even if we’re unsure exactly what that looks like, even if we don’t know precisely how to get there, we know we’ll get there.” In other words, he’s going to throw money (not sure how much, but a real big sh1tload) at something (not at all sure what).

    • Did Bush use a teleprompter? How about Clinton? How about Reagan? How about Carter? How about Nixon? That was old and lame the day after it was supposed to be funny, give it a rest.

  3. Does any one find it just a little suspicious that Haliburton just happen to by a oil clean up company 8 days prior to this environmental disaster ?

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