11 thoughts on “Football vs Handegg”

  1. Whoa. What about…pinball? Is that for…pinheads?

    And dodgeball – mind the traffic!

    Tetherball – the way men seem to like theirs to stay.

    Wiffleball – for curvy airheads?

    Beach ball – NO SANDBAGGING!

    Volleyball – relic of the Age of Flintlock Musketry.

    Thunderball – it’s a Bonding thing.

    Low-ball – the game of making an offer that can be refused.

    Hardball – played by the refuser of the low-ball offer.

    Crystal balls – why Gypsies can’t have babies?

    Wrecking ball – keep an eye on this one: it swings both ways.

    Stickball – Not because it’s covered in adhesive, but because the ball looks like a…stick?

    Bowling ball – this one knows the drill.

    Fly ball – Eeeewww. And don’t tell Jeff Goldblum.

    Blue balls – Owwwwww.

    Cheese ball – Is it Christmas already or are we in Switzerland?

    Rum ball – Yesh, it musht be Christmussss. (Urp!)

    Snow ball – the leader of the pack?

    Spit ball – actually, its wadded, saliva-soaked paper, not spit. So THERE.

    Fuzz ball – let’s hope this means the ones under your bed.

    Black-ball – a tough pill to swallow because as it goes down it makes a mean clique.

    Oddball – there’s one in every crowd.

    Cannonball – makes a Big Splash.

    Sour ball – comes in many flavors!

    Tee-Ball – an extraordinary shape for a ball.

    Gumball – sure taste a lot better than tooth balls.

    Skee-Ball – swallowed as many coins as all the world’s slot machines.

    Fastball – Wham! Bam! And you know the rest.

    Gazing ball – you ever seen it gazing at anything?

    Rubber ball – lots of babies glad their parents didn’t learn this game from the drugstore.

    Super Ball – doesn’t Lois Lane know it.

    Massage ball – that better not be a command, Mister.

    Dryer ball – which is why God made lotion?

    Speedball – most addictive of all ball games.

    Eyeball – sometimes a contact sport, more often for older players.

    Times Square Ball – How illuminating! But it only comes once a year.

    Costume ball – everyone wears completely different uniforms and no one even knows who the other players, even their own teammates, are. And only one player wins.

    Paintball – shouldn’t this one really be in the plural? Honestly, has anyone ever fired just one paintball? (See above: Volleyball, Flintlock Musketry)

    Ground ball – The Whole Earth Game!

    Curve ball – aren’t they all?

    Knuckle ball – Ow. There’s one factory I’d hate to tour, let alone work in.

    8-Ball – played with, ummm…fifteen balls.

    Golf ball – Tiger’s story and he’s sticking to it.

    Fireball – the ancients went through an awful lot of bats trying to hit this one.

    Viennese Ball – now here’s one you can tap your toes to.

    PowerBall – the one everyone takes a swing at in hope of hitting it.

    Fur ball – for one. Always.

    Highball – now we’re finally getting somewhere.

    Seems to me that the only one that’s a hundred percent accurate is…meatball!

    Must go now – before I lose my…marbles. Think I’ll try my luck in another…sphere.

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