8 thoughts on “The Vuvuzela”

  1. Is that the soccer thing? I don’t get how they don’t get light headed and all pass out by half time. (not that I watch it)

  2. It’s always been funny to me how football fans call soccer fans morons, and soccer fans call football fans morons. Depending on how you look at it, either neither of you are morons, or both of you are morons, so get over yourselves.

    To be honest, just about every pair (or group) of clicks do that. Democrats and Republicans, Nerds and Jocks, The four Military Branches, etc… However, in each of those situations, there is one of the clicks who really are superior, if you are logical and don’t let stereotypes or personal bias get in your way. Unfortunately, since most people aren’t logical, and DO let stereotypes and personal bias affect their judgment, we have a lot of problems.

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