11 thoughts on “Turtle helper”

  1. Put it in neutral, you fool!
    Get your foot off the gas pedal!
    OK, just to make sure, I’ll follow you to the repair shop…

  2. Reminds me of a special childhood memory.

    When I was about 9 I found a large turtle near a pond and decided I needed it for a pet. I carried it about a quarter mile up a wooded hill to my aunt’s house and put it in a raised brick flower bed for safekeeping.

    About an hour later I went to visit my new pet and began whining that someone had moved MY turtle and let it loose in the yard. After my folks firmly told me to quit moaning and that nobody had touched my damned turtle, I realised it was still safely in the flower bed.

    An identical turtle was heading across the yard toward the house. The second turtle had raced at full turtle speed 1/4 mile up a wooded hill to rescue my captive. My dad convinced me to release my pet and we watched in amazement as the two turtles turned and headed down the hill together.

    Learned a valuable lesson about leaving wildlife alone. Never figured out how the second turtle knew where to find the one I snitched. Turtles and tortoises must have smarts AND a sense of compassion.

  3. As a teen, my brother & I found a rather large snapping turtle. I had been collecting animals in a 5′ x 4′ x 10′ metal container that was on the farm we were renting. I decided that I would carry it home by the tail as I rode my bike. The longer I rode the heavier it got. Not thinking, I was carrying it closer and closer as I rode. It stretched it’s neck, reached over and took a chunk out of the skin of my shin. I, too, learned a valuable lesson about leaving wild life alone.

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