Lie To Me tonight

Lie to me logoTonight is the night that our own heehee, Aubrey Chandler, stars in is featured in the episode entitled “Sweet Sixteen”.  She plays Mary Doyle who is killed along with her child.  Her husband Jimmy Doyle gets Lightman involved in the investigation.


Lie To Me airs at 8 ET / 7 CT on Fox.

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16 thoughts on “Lie To Me tonight”

  1. I hope she doesn’t get knocked off in the opening credits like all the guest stars on ‘Police Squad!’

  2. Well, that was quick. She looked good dead. You saw her if you didn’t blink. And she was in the picture that Jimmy Doyle had in his hand.

  3. That reminded me of a friend of mine who is a mechanic for Delta Airlines. He was at work one evening at Lambert Airport in St. Louis. Dino DeLarentis and his crew were at the airport filming a scene for the movie Manhunter. At the time the movie was being filmed it had the tentative name of Red Dragon. They asked my friend John if he would take the long flashlights and signal the movie plane in to the terminal after it landed as they filmed the scene. So he did. He had kind of forgotten about it but his wife kept tabs on the film and knew that they had renamed it Manhunter. So when it came out and to St. Louis we set up a premiere party at a local theater. We talked to the theater management and told them what we were doing. They set up a table in the lobby and even put his name on the marquee. I made up some cards with his picture and the movie title on them for him to sign. His wife had rented a limo and got John a tux and we all met behind the theater. We were all dressed like celebrities. They arrived and John had no idea what was going on. So couple by couple the limo would drop us off in front of the theater onto a red carpet and then drive around to the back of the theater and pick up another group of people and drop them off on the red carpet. We had a video camera there recording it. The theater provided a security guard for us. The local newspaper even did a story on our event. John and his wife were the last to arrive. We had John go to the table and we all got in line to get his autograph. Lots of other theater goers got in line too thinking he was some big movie star.
    Funny thing was that they had cut his scene from the movie. But we had a GREAT time.

  4. The roof of my house appears almost as long in the Sharon Stone movie ‘Diabolique’.

    They were filming just a couple blocks from where I lived so I got to see her a few times while looking out my front window. I probably saw Kathy Bates too but I didn’t know she was part of the cast at the time.

  5. Not up here heehee…:( I checked every god darn station at every hour and they didn’t have it on here. If anyone has a clip, can they show me??

  6. Hey Reader…. honking at golfers is just a harmless prank. I’m also a wish granter for the Make A Wish Foundation, etc. So just because I honked a horn at golfers doesn’t mean that this is what I got- like God is out to get me or something….(I’m sorry, but just the thought of your idea makes me laugh.)
    You definitely would not like George Clooney then…he’s the ultimate prankster. He makes my pranks look rated G.
    I hope to meet him and work with him someday! 🙂

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