5 thoughts on “Pizza Hut needs to look up the word ‘Any’”

  1. I looked on reddit and I couldn’t find anything about Pizza Hut. Did I miss the joke or is there something missing from the post?

    • …. Why are you talking about reddit? The joke is that it says ANY crust, but it charges extra for stuffed crust; and it says ANY toppings, but says no double toppings.

      I’ve actually noticed this myself and silently cursed advertisements and price loopholes. I may love this country, but damn, capitalism sucks sometimes. Remember how big Chips Ahoy used to be? Now there’s like a quarter the cookie in each package, if even.

  2. Maoman – I’m not crazy, I promise. All I see on this post is “Pizza Hut needs to look up the word ‘Any'” and a little link underneath that says ‘Via’ – clicking on the ‘Via’ link takes you to the main page of Reddit. I wondered if the picture was missing or if it was some kind of inside joke (about B&P or about Reddit). I was reminded about this post because I just saw the picture at https://bitsandpieces.us/2010/06/16/redefining-the-word-any/ with a similar theme (although from what you’re saying in your comment, it sounds like a different picture). I have no idea why it doesn’t show up for me here.

    • Courtney, Have you tried refreshing the screen. That happens to me occasionally. The pic is there… and yes, it’s the same thing as before. They’re offering ANY large pizza (deep dish extra) and ANY number of toppings (limit of 5). Isn’t 6 a number? Any number means any number…. how about 12?

      • No dice on refreshing…I don’t know what’s with me and images lately! Does pizza hut even HAVE 12 different toppings? 🙂

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