12 thoughts on “Seven-Up in milk?”

  1. Yup… it’s actually really, really good. It makes something that’s very similar to the Japanese soft drink Calpico or its Korean counterpart Milkis.

  2. My aunt made this for me when I was little in the 50s! She added sugar to the milk. It was like an ice cream soda! I loved it.

  3. i remember they used ta push HOT DR PEPPER, served like coffee,,never tried it though,,

  4. reminds me of the old tv series, “Laverne & Shirley” when “Laverne” would drink milk & Pepsi.

  5. you know I bet it would work. My grandmother used to make this drink composed of chocolate milk and seltzer.

  6. Yea, My fathre grew up in So. California and he said it was VERY common the get a chocolate Coke in the soda bars then.

    • OH yeah Infi, I remember buying a small cardboard cup of ice-cream and a 6 oz Coke and pouring the coke over the ice-cream and then eating it with a wooden spoon, which was actually more like a paddle than a spoon. After I’d eat all the coke foam I’d pour a little more in. By the time the ice-cream was gone there was just enough Coke left for a swig to wash the ice-cream down.

  7. The original catch phrase for 7-Up was, “It’s lithiated!” because it contained lithium, a natural tranquilizer still prescribed for mania.

    Just like Coca-Cola had its cocaine, 7-Up had lithium (and Dr. Pepper had prune extract, a natural laxative).

    The mom in this ad just might be smiling for more than one reason.

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