4 thoughts on “Fried Chicken Song”

  1. Did he actually say ” I love me some chicken”?
    As a respected, professional and older black man, I cannot beleive my ears. I can almost hear “Yes, Mass’r” coming out of this KID’s mouth. How the hell can he perpetuate such stereotypes;
    Maybe this is a parody or satire, but that was not clear to me.
    Perhaps I am simply over-reacting here, but after such struggles We’ve endured for so long for such little progress, I swear I’ll find him and ‘kick me some o’ his ass’ if he throws down with a “I love me some watermelon” ditty next!
    But it is actually a catchy little tune and he does seem to have some degree of talent (down deep there somewhere,) I just don’t agree the subject not to mention nor do I with his Eubonics in general.

  2. He “puts nothin’ above” his chicken….not even his dignity!

    This does nothing with improving stereotyping.

  3. I think the guy has talent & heart. And, although he might not “speaka my language” very well, I say bless him.

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