9 thoughts on “Motorcycle accident”

  1. wow…in two days I will be taking the exit exam for my motorcycle licence…(here in Canada it is a graduated licence)…better not let my wife see this clip…do not know what you could do to avoid that situation…


    If you see a motocyclist down and unconcious (or severly “out of it”) DO NOT repeat DO NOT remove their helmet.

    It seems to be an instinctive urge to want to remove the helmet as soon as possible, but LEAVE IT TO THE TRAINED EMERGENCY SERVICES. You can paralyze a rider for life. The chin strap wont “Choke” them and they dont need any more “air” than what they can get wearing the helmet.

    If the rider is dazed and trying to remove it, help calm them down and have them leave it on till EMS arrives.

    Thank You.


  3. Nice wreck, ah, I mean rack (33 seconds into the video).

    Rule #1, get someone to cal 911
    Don’t move the victim
    Stop bleeding

    Everyone should get training for CPR.

  4. First off it’s a good thing he had a helmet on – I won’t get on a bike without one.
    Second – holy cow nice chest.

  5. It was a girl rider , not a guy . And what possessed that tool in the 4 wheel drive to react the way he did ?

  6. The way the car swerved, it seems like he was yanking on the e-brake which will cause a car to swerve like that, or his front brakes were out which essentially would do the same thing. I remember when this first happened back in 06, it was a pretty big deal back then.

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