17 thoughts on “Smoke Bubbles”

  1. When I was little my mom would blow bubbles for me after taking a puff off of her cigarette. Ah…cancer bubbles….my favorite

  2. Bella, may I add to your comment? My City became a non-smoking City before it was cool. I smoke a little and don’t blame people for complaining about the stench it leaves on your clothes and in your hair. I do not smoke in my home(ask Jonco) but i never reek of smoke like the old days of leaving a bar and going home and reeking of smoke.

  3. Peace Klaw. I never really meant it that way but I jump on the bandwagon sometimes coz it zings me and maybe I should learn to just keep my mouth shut.

  4. what does blowing bubbles have to do with smoking?? If you want to smoke do so, if not do so also.

  5. You know, I have a smoke machine sitting right next to my kid’s bubbles toys and I never put the two together! Duh! I’m so gonna show her this tomorrow.

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