7 thoughts on “What your email address says about you”

  1. I used to run my own domain, but got tired of my wife shutting off the router constantly and not getting my emails. It does have its advantages through, mostly the remote login stuff.

  2. OMG, this is so dead-on true! Having my own domain and running my own online business for several years now, I do tend to ‘judge’ a person by their email address! And without fail, those with aol accounts turn out to be the biggest A-holes!

  3. I use yahoo emails, and I don’t type in all caps… and I DESPISE chain emails. Those things are pointless and they clog up my inbox. …when I do type in caps, it’s usually me trying to yell. 😛

  4. Email? How quaint! Haven’t we moved to the point where email is just a forgotten password delivery service?
    (Sadly, I still get my jokes via fax from the local truckstop)

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