13 thoughts on “Truck crashes in spectacular style”

  1. that could mess up your hole day. came out of his blind spot he probably didn’t know what hit him. FYI never pass a truck on the right side they cant see you its a good way to get run over.

  2. And still people blaim the truck drivers. I don’t know what that car driver was doing, but he/she clearly wasn’t paying attention at all, how else can you hit the rear wheels of a truck and cause an accident?
    Yes, I am pro truck

  3. I never really thought about how useless those concrete center dividers are. It stops the car, but that truck goes over like it is just hopping a curb.

  4. Day-um. A very dear friend and his brother were driving home after work twenty or so years ago when a semi lost control during a brief Tucson summer monsoon and crossed the desert-scaped median on I-10, hitting their vehicle head-on. My friend was killed instantly. Donny was one of my favorite musicians to jam with – ever. This has stirred up some deeply buried memories that will be haunting me for a while. Without a doubt, later this evening I will be toasting his memory and fingerpicking some of his favorite Beatles tunes …

      • Au contraire, sir – only his absence, and the means of his loss are bad. I cherish the times we spent together, and am grateful to be reminded of the joy he brought during his all-too-brief stay on this planet.

  5. wow – maybe that car had a blow-out? the way they swerved just before ramming the truck’s front wheels looked an awful lot like an attempt to compensate for something. if i had someone to bet with and a way to verify it, that’d be my bet. $10 says the car had a front tire blow-out at high speed just as they cut to the right to pass the truck, over compensated and then tried to recover, only to loose control and hit the truck’s front right wheel.

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