13 thoughts on “Time’s 50 worst inventions”

  1. i would disagree with DDT it is still in use and every study done showed it has no effect on humans and is less damaging to the environment then the bug killers in use today.

  2. I like crocs. I’m wearing a pair of them now with fleecy stuff inside. They are the ugliest but most comfortable pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned.

  3. Beta only gets a bad rap because it lost out in functionality to VHS. In fact Beta tapes/players are far superior in longevity and performance IMHO.

  4. crocs are ugly but GREAT for the dog park-they clean up so well 😀

    and i agree with johnny on the beta…it was a better quality. unfortuantely it broke a few years back (after about 20 yrs…)

  5. #18 The Parachute Jacket: On the way down, the inventor was last heard singing “Eiffel to pieces…”

  6. While I do agree that many things should not be on this list, in response to Aln above, it is safe to assume that DDT is harmful to the environment. Enough studies have shown that the chemical IS harmful to the environment. One effect was that it almost wiped out the bald eagle population in the United States.

    Other things I think should’t belong:
    Segway, autotune, pop ups, crocs, Plastic Grocery Bags, Venetian-Blind Sunglasses, Tamagotchis just to name a few.

    It’s all based on perspective. I’ve never really agreed with many of the opinion articles that Time has published.

  7. I want to add egobook, egospace, twittego, etc to the list. Complete waste and we all have to feel compelled to use them whether we want to or not. It’s all about ‘Look at me! I’m the only thing important here! I’ll fake interest in you for a minute, but only if it makes me look good at the same time!’ Where did all the egocentrc people go before these things existed?

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  8. Virtaulboy made this list!? That game system rocked. Me and and a friend or slowly rigging it up to a usb adapter so we can design our own games for the system.

    What is with the comic sans hate? Seriously got nothing better to do then yell about a font that you can easily change with your browser?

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