12 thoughts on “Daddy’s home”

  1. Anyone have a tissue? Just think of the kids who unknowingly said goodbye forever never to have a moment like this.

  2. I may not support what the US govt does with sending their troops over and whatnot, but watching families reunite after their loved ones were away at war just brings about inexplicable happiness. I know how it feels to be away from family and I can relate to how their families feel when they see the soldiers come home.

    • Miss Silver, This just happens to show U.S. soldiers coming home, but this happens all over the world when families are disrupted by military service. No matter what country or army, when the soldier comes home there is much relief and happiness I’m sure.

      • Yes, I can imagine the relief. I did shed a tear watching this video, though. Family is very important; even the non human members miss their family members after a long absence.

  3. I’m not American, but this video literally made me cry. This is essentially why the war is pointless: It’s heartbreaking for all parties. The kids in this video are the lucky ones. I can only imagine the pain of the kids who aren’t as lucky.
    Kia kaha! ( That means ‘be strong’ in Maori).

  4. Jonco, Do that to me again and I will drive to St Louis and GET you!!!!! God Bless the Troops and their families!!!! Karen

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