8 thoughts on “The truth about alcoholism”

  1. That data is schewed a bit – as being from Wisconsin, true we’re a heavy drinking state (and just heavy for that matter), however, we have a very large Native American reservation population where it significantly influences that national ranking #.

  2. Just another thing the Native Americans can be thankful to the white man for, whiskey, thanks a lot!

  3. There must be some template that’s been spitting out these graphic charts lately, but it doesn’t account for the stupidity of the author. It might look very official, but if you didn’t immediately question the “fact” that 13 beers does not, in any way, equal 152 oz. of alcohol, then you should probably turn off your computer, get your affairs in order, and kill yourself. God dealt you a bad hand. He forgot to give you a brain.


  4. Sucks to live in Iran and Saudi……….Long live alcohol, with out it…the world would be a sad place

  5. That data on Saudi is nonsense. We drank all the time! Had a great time. Just because the government refuses to count something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  6. I’m sure in Iran and Saudi they just make their own alcohol using well known methods. Nothing can stop people from enjoying a lil’ moonshine after all.
    Marc 😉

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