10 thoughts on “Déjà vu all over again”

  1. So, two major disasters in 30 years? I think that’s a pretty good record. It’s still a tragedy, but geez, accidents happen.

    I think Jimmy Carter did it back then….Obviously not the only thing Barry Obomber is taking from the Carter playbook……

  2. Q: Why are they drilling in 5000′ deep water?
    A: That is where the feds gave them permission to. Not where it is easily accessible (and not underwater) like in ANWR or the oil shale of western Colorado.
    Q: Why didn’t we learn any of the lessons from the Exxon Valdez disaster?
    A: I’m glad you asked that! In fact, that disaster (correctly blamed wholly on Exxon, as should our current one be on BP’s shoulders) could have been completely avoided. You see, the original plan for the Alaska pipeline was to extend into and deliver oil directly to the lower 48 states. However, envirionmentalists complained that the migration of the caribou would be greatly disturbed (*note: the caribou poulation where the pipeline is running has seen a significant increase over other similar areas) and other disasters would harm wildlife if the pipeline were to leak on the land. While they did not stop the pipeline, they gained a partial victory in having construction stopped and the line diverted….to the port city of Valdez.

  3. While I am guessing that report said something I could not get past the OMG I WANT TO SHOOT MYSELF IN THE FACE IF I HAVE TO HEAR THE RIDICULOUSNESS OF HER FAUX SARCASTIC TONE FOR ONE MORE SECOND method of reporting, by who ever the hell that women was. Yuck to her and the oil.

  4. Whoa look at the time! Better kneel facing Simi Valley and pray to Rontard Reagan. Most people commenting on this site seem to be of the Limbaugh, Beck, Fox News ilk. Led by the media and blissful ignorance, happily towing the conservative line as it’s fed to you, never realising how deregulation of banks, energy companies,and corporate ownership of the media have screwed us all.

  5. Savant,
    Your observation is fairly spot on, but there are a handful of libs who are regulars and we try to keep the Tbaggers in line. Welcome to B&P, don’t let the neanderthals scare you away.

  6. She makes my skin crawl. Holy shit its happened twice in 30 years…and they used some of the same methods to clean it up then.

    Milwaukee is spot on…..We would not want to drill in shallow waters where teh oil is easy to get.

    Trash-Most people lean towards the conservative side. But welcome any ways….

  7. Whoa, Trashsavant! All are welcomed here as far as I know. Just because you disagree with some folks political persuasion doesn’t mean we’re all Limbaugh-worshiping drones. I do consider myself to be conservative but I am not registered as any party affiliation. Besides, I come here for the funny pictures and videos, not because I think Jonco and/or his readers lean one way or the other.

  8. P in B:
    Teabaggers, Neanderthals….I would think someone as high-minded and educated as you could use your two sentences for something a little more enlightening to the group.

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