16 thoughts on “Caption contest”

  1. Darn – left the laundry hanging on the line, and now my peopleneck sweater is soaked.

  2. Yeah, that weatherman’s a certifiable genius — forecasting rain in Seattle is really sticking your neck out.

  3. “Any minute now…I know that bottled water truck will be by…any minute now and I’ll jump into that puddle, right down there…then a few other jumps and that bottled water truck will take me to the river. Any minute now and I’m free!”

  4. The sun did not shine.
    It was too wet to play.
    So we sat in the house
    All that cold, cold, wet day.
    I sat there with Sally.
    We sat there, we two.
    And I said, “How I wish
    We had something to do!”
    Too wet to go out
    And too cold to play ball.
    So we sat in the house.
    We did nothing at all.

  5. Look at that smug snail. He thinks he’s so fast. I could whip his slimy tail in a race. Not to mention that arrogant hare over there. And that glacier there…don’t even get me started.

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