4 thoughts on “Yeah, but I’m too lazy to pick the thing up”

  1. If your Dad’s “handy-man” has left town and he asks YOU to pick up all the trash around his business… and his office is downwind from a redneck buffet restaurant… then this thing is a miracle device! It’s just like extra long fingers. You can pick up a dirty diaper or a used condom with dexterity and morbid interest with the “10 foot pole” detachment. [img] [/img]

  2. I have something like that, but I only use it to pick up items that fall behind our washing machine. People are always piling stuff on it that when the old thing rattles, tea towels always fall behind it.

    • I know these devices can be useful to some and more useful to others, I just thought this picture was funny because the way her elbow is bent, if she’d just extend her arm she could reach rather than the device could. That’s all… Oh never mind.

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