14 thoughts on “Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich”

  1. Chick-fil-a is owned and ran by a gay bashing “focus on the family” supporting fundamentalist christian that sometimes includes fundamentalist propaganda with their kids meals.

    • Hell their chicken is DAMN good though. And somehow, even without Sheldon Reynolds’ business, they’re #2 right behind The Colonel. Luckily for Shelly though, Chick-fil-A advertises their stance. Betcha he shops and eats and buys from a lot of businesses he wouldn’t like that don’t put their beliefs out there for the haters. Poor Shelly.

      • Wonder how often Shelly shops at a convenience store, donut shop, gas station, restaurant run by Muslims. The cure for The Gay in many Muslim countries is execution.

  2. Regardless of the owner’s religious beliefs, it is still a processed factory chicken pattie loaded with cholesterol and sodium and is really bad for you!

  3. So Sheldon and Rendel have spoken. Yet you other asshats are more than willing to subjugate any principles in the quest for free food. Really dumb. Really dumb. I bet you they only give away the free food on Sundays.

    • Not exactly. I’ve paid for food at CFA knowing about the founder’s beliefs. Free food from there is just a bonus. I think I’ll go to Hobby Lobby after I get my free chicken. Wanna join me? We can sing hymns in the car. Later on we can stop by In-N-Out Burger and read some Bible verses.

    • Hard to give it away on Sundays since they are not open then.

      Praise the Lord and pass the chicken!!!

    • Wait till he gets all Googley and starts finding out where his clothes, electronics, lumber, shoes, and fruit comes from. That Christian yardbird won’t look so bad after all.

  4. Shelden, Rendel, you go right ahead and do what you believe is right, including pointing out to the rest of us what you think is wrong. I love this country and our right to have our say. I just signed up and I’m going to enjoy that chicken and in my small way promote businesses.
    God bless ALL of you.

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