Bra unhooking contest

What seemed more like a spring break event in Daytona Beach took place recently in a Chinese shopping mall. It was a contest to see who could unhook women’s bras with one hand the fastest.


According to , eight women stood in a line onstage, wearing only a bra, face mask, mini-shorts and heels while eager men tried to unfasten their bras with one hand in under a minute. reports that the competitors were vying for a $146 shopping voucher to use at the mall.


12 thoughts on “Bra unhooking contest”

  1. Forget volleyball and horseshoes, this will be perfect for the babbq. Anyone who doesn’t want to participate can go cornhole.

  2. Damn. I so could have won that. My wife’s a little disturbed at how quickly I can just pat her on the back and unclasp hers.

  3. I’ll bet Infi could win that with his eyes closed! (Probably does it better that way.)

  4. this may be a shock but Im not the fastest one in the world,chick if you wanna give me some practice that would be nice

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