26 thoughts on “Scope”

  1. Why would anyone do this to themselves? That will NOT revert to normal if she takes the ring out.

    • I believe there’s a glass or lens in there to keep things from falling out. You’d think it would get all dirty real quick.

  2. Imagine this showing up for a job interview. She must have to drink through a straw. I think this is what she’s going for:

  3. She said to herself, “I think I’d look smarter if I holed my chin and act like I’m thinking.”

  4. There’s a look on her face that tells you she’s in love with seafood. Everytime she eats fish you can see straight to her sole.

  5. She misunderstood when someone told this shy girl, “Let him know you’re angry! Show some teeth!”

  6. When she bumps her chin on something, she’ll break her teeth. But the real fun comes when she’s older and needs a CPAP machine to breath at night, and all the air pressure blows out and she suffocates… How cool will she look then?

  7. Hey doc., can you do something about this hole?

    Hmmm… not sure right now, but I’ll look into it.

  8. I wonder if she/he has a plug for when she/he needs to eat or drink…I’ll bet a cheap hardware store sink plug would work like a charm lol.

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