7 thoughts on “Is your copier spying on you?”

  1. Well, I am SO glad they told me about this. I was thinking about taking up a life of crime, but I couldn’t decide how. Well, fraud and blackmail – how could it go wrong!

    THANKS CBS for once again telling me how to be a criminal.

    Isn’t it lovely how this company uses CBS to create a need for their new product?

    Who wants to bet that the ‘free software’ for decoding the harddrive images was put on the net by this company?

    It’s like a pharmaceutical company releasing a virus to create a need for their vaccine.

  2. Wow! I thought it was neat that Sharp could show they had identified this threat and tried to warn folks. However, the fact they charge $500 for the ability to erase your own documents, a capability which has got to amount to about $499.50 of profit per security package sold, shows a severe lack integrity and customer concern. The default option, in my opinion, should be to automatically erase all documents after the current print/fax/copy job is finished. I can’t think of anyone who would opt to keep their documents stored in their copier, but for those who do, let them pay $500 for that option. Better yet, serve your customers and ask them what they prefer, and do that. (Radical concept, I know.)

  3. That’s it! I want all my copying done the old fashioned way: medieval monks with quivered pens, in a monastery. Imagine how cool it’d be with, say…you medical records, starting off with something that looks like this:[img][/img]

  4. Copiers got a hard drive. Big deal!

    First of all, NOT all copiers got a hard drive, only the high end copiers got a hard drive.
    All major brands devices encrypt the information on the hard drives and ERASE the hard drives periodically at no cost. It is an standard feature, not a $500 option.

    What amazes me is that a company is selling second hand devices whithout cleaning up the hard drive. You do not necessary know if your copier had a hard drive or not, but the guys working on that campany SHOULD KNOW.

  5. I do got to ask: why not just pull the HD out yourself when your done using the copier and dispose it normally instead of paying this guy to do it for you?

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