6 thoughts on “Dear Subway”

  1. BULLSHIT. I worked for subway for a bit over 3 years, and I NEVER did the cheese like he’s saying. I did it the fucking LOGICAL way.

    god damn I loved that job. the food was AWESOME.

  2. tiki god, then you were doing it wrong. The training states that the cheese should be done exactly as drawn above. This is done intentionally to save money. If you were able to get away with it for 3 years, then I suspect the franchise owners you worked for just didn’t care, but the REAL way is to do it as illustrated above. It’s not a coincidence that practically EVERY Subway does it this way.

  3. The half dome provolone slices really seem to confuse my Sandwich Artist. They’re in a different pattern each time.

  4. #2 Sander: Exactly how does this cheese configuration “save money”? If it were up to me, I would only use 3 slices instead of 4 to save money. Chances are, no one would notice since Subway’s cheese has little or no flavor anyway.

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