24 thoughts on “Caption contest”

  1. Infidel, having paid a million dollars to be put in hibernation for 500 years, awakens to discover the theory on the population being all female by that time had some serious flaws.

  2. AAAHA!…I see why they’re upset with him
    He stepped on a crack and broke his momma’s back.

  3. He knew it was illegal to skinny dip, but since he wasn’t skinny he didn’t see it as a problem. Who knew it was also illegal to “chunky dunk”???

  4. Asian zoo keepers try to subdue Pogo the great albino hairless ape after he escapes from his enclosure.

  5. We must capture the white man! We can’t let our women see what normal-sized penises look like!

    (I can say this cause I’m Asian.)

    • Not true, take a look at the guy in the middle of the crowd in the white shirt. He seems to be enjoying this…

  6. When filming “Terminator XXVI”, Schwartzenegger quickly found out that the Japanese didn’t give up their clothes, their boots, & their motorcycles as easily as the Americans.

    P.S……LMAO @ Sander, fair comment dude. 😀

  7. The tsunami warning this morning forced this Japanese whaling crew to alter their usual training methods.

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