10 thoughts on “Police tase man threatening to jump off bridge…”

  1. so, i hope someone reads this rather soon… Just got a nasty virus from b&p which keeps shutting down all the programs i try to run and there’s an icon on my taskbar which says its some antivirus program but its not.
    Just wondering if anyone knows a solution? Or has had this happen? Im on the trusty phone which hopefully won’t get hacked.
    Also, i never actually clicked yes or download on anything so nfi how it got into the taskbar…

  2. You need a solid antivirus. For something that can remove the bug, Malwarebytes. If you pay the $25ish for the full version, it’s fantastic at keeping you protected.
    At the very least, maybe Microsoft Security Essentials for a free job.

  3. Geek Squad at Best Buy does a good job of removing viruses. It costs money, but it’s well worth it, you get your machine back all cleaned up.

  4. What is up with the Columbia police? Did you guys see the video from maybe a month ago where their SWAT team invades a house with kids, slaughter the family dogs that were in cages all for just a misdemeanor amount of marijuana? The dogs posed no threat to them, but they shot the dogs in front of the children.

  5. I read that, then they put all of the kids in a Police van and drove into the path of a tornado……WINK, you know I’m kidding. Have a great weekend all.

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