5 thoughts on “Fishing in Amsterdam”

  1. If you’ve ever been there it is not surprising that the most common thing in the canals are bikes. They use them like tissue paper. They are stolen on a daily basis and restolen on an hourly basis. When I was there I saw a truck stacked five feet high with used bikes to be resold after they were stolen.
    This looks like someone just started taking bikes and hucking them over the bridge for fun. The river near me is the same way with shopping carts. I’ll bet by any bridge you could do this and come up with about a dozen shopping carts.

  2. I remember three things that distinguished Amsterdam from anywhere else I’ve visited: Canals, open prostitution, and bikes everywhere. Not surprised that they would accumulate in the canals.

  3. It’s legal in holland, not just amsterdam.
    And yes, we do have a lot of bikes, not only in Amsterdam, The city Groningen in the north of holland has even more bikes, a while ago Groningen was number 2 on the highest-bike-density list of the world!
    They end up in the canals because drunk people throw em there, or people who stole them and can’t resell them for 10€. It’s practically normal to have a run down bike, so it won’t get stolen, which it still does sometimes.

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