14 thoughts on “Which would you choose?”

  1. Me? I consider staying power. A mermaid has flippers she can leave you anytime, and you will be alone on the island. A reverse mermaid is stuck there with you.

  2. I’d go for top human though, She can use her mouth, talk with you, and use her chest… and hands and various other… mmhmm

  3. I’d think this post was more appropriate for “Tits and Bits” mean “Tits and pieces” I mean “Naughty Bits”

  4. I’d pick top half human. The mouth still functions nice, and I’m a sucker for boobs. Plus, she could swim out and possibly get help.

    If it wasn’t for the rescue part though, I’d pick the bottom-half human. BTW, a fish can’t say “no” can it?

  5. I like mermaid with upper part Human coz I can have conversation with her. Tell mt problems + She can help me swim out of place wit her tail fin.
    People really sucks…they are stranded in island and thinking about sex. HWha ta freak ?

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