31 thoughts on “When a guy does something wrong…”

  1. Which just goes to prove why we should run the world and that we are ultimately better at negotiations. (Not to mention the more vicious in most species)

  2. I can’t even refute this. It’s true. My boyfriend cops the blame for everything. It makes me feel better.

    Poor guy. Oh well!

  3. Sure pippin, women can negotiate, but can they stand up to someone punching them in the mouth repeatedly? No. Survival of the fittest, toots

    • A brief reminder to Paul that men and women are indeed one species. If women don’t survive, men will perish as well.

      • I think he meant in terms of who should and does run the world. Not in terms of actual survival.

      • A brief reminder to Leah that although if women die so will men. The reason women have survived is because men have been fighting for them.

        • A quick reminder to Devon that the reason women have survived is because men have been fighting for them. Mothers are the people who raise those men who fight.

          • If I’m not mistaken, Mothers AND Fathers raise those men. And you wouldn’t have mothers if there were no fathers or husbands. This is very reminiscent of the chicken and egg scenario, no? Something of a pointless debate. Fucking is what really matters.

    • yeah but a girl can con the guy into taking those punches for her. That spells genius. And leader. Hence, women do rule the world. Even if men think they do

  4. awwwww, that is soo true, and reading the comments about the girls saying its true only makes it worse… tear tear.

  5. seems to me that women have lower self-esteem than men…not that they are more suitable to run the world? plus how does one “run the world”?

  6. look, we say sorry, they feel happy right? when they’re happy, we get the juicy meat flaps. everyone wins, balance returns to the earth. (that or replace “I’m sorry” with, “bitch your doing it wrong”)

  7. Why would you take the blame? I don’t understand. If she lost your dog give her hell. If I make you feel terrible maybe you deserve it. You just lost my best friend. How would you feel if I left your bff in the middle of a desert. You f your “get off my back” take some responsibility.

  8. this is the sole reason for the last 4 years of my pain and suffering. This is the most shitty truth, and the worst part is that there’s no wriggling out of a situation when it turns into this. It’s stupid

  9. people, chill out. it’s just a stupid comic. regardless of whether it’s true or not, it’s funny!

  10. You do realize that in this cartoon the guy would most likely only say sorry at the end if they were Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and if the guy was a pussy lol (in the 2nd section).

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