7 thoughts on “Red Light Runners”

  1. I watched my wife get hit in the driver’s side door a couple of cars ahead of me a few years ago by an 88 year old guy who ran a red light. He said he “got all mixed up” and hit the gas instead of the brake when he saw the red light. He was accelerating when he hit her. She was mostly ok, our car was totaled, and he lost his license and never drove again.

    A few months later, before dawn, I was hit by a guy who drove around a city bus that was stopped at a red light and loading passengers, drove against opposing traffic and ran the red light without slowing down. I had the green light, and because he was on the other side of the bus, I never saw him until the big bang and I found myself looking back where I just came from. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and he ended up in his back seat with a broken neck and massive head and internal injuries. They cut him out with chainsaws. Apparently he was running a few minutes late for work. He never regained consciousness and died about 10 days later. My car was destroyed.

    I think we saw several ‘fatals’ in that video.

    Intersections make me nervous.

  2. Each one of those collisions made my heart jump.
    I’ve cared for quite a few patients from heartbreakingly gruesome MVAs.
    Please wear seatbelts.
    Glad you and your wife were OK, DJ

  3. DJ – I, too, am glad you and your wife were OK.

    I liked the idiot at about 3:50 who used the left turn lane to get around the stopped traffic to go straight–right past the cop that was sitting there waiting for the light to change. The cop immediately pulled the idiot over.

    Also, not all of these were people running red lights–some of them turned left without waiting for oncoming traffic to clear.

  4. Thanks. Seatbelts are livesavers, but ferchrisakes PAY PHUCKING ATTENTION–There are other people (and kids) out there besides you.

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