18 thoughts on “Hey buddy…”

  1. I always try to block that person, but there always seems to be some idiots that cant quite figure it out and let them in.

    • uhm hum: I’d rather get home 15 minutes later and NOT be an asshole. But then I strive for integrity in life.

    • You do realize that if everyone would just take their turn like they were supposed to, then traffic would flow a lot smoother and quicker. What really slows it down are the assholes.

    • The Law of Conservation of the Assholes Time:

      Each moment of time saved by an asshole through questionable driving technique is added to the commute of all non-assholes in the area; spread out approximately proportional to the square of the distance to the asshole by the scale (1 through 10) of how rushed the non-asshole is to get where they are going.

      @uhm hum – somehow the assholes are always right next to me and always around when i’m personally running quite late.
      @Zach – me too, to the extent that i actually become an anti-asshole. just as asshole’ish but with direction. i violate driving laws and act like a 16 yr old new driver idiot and swerve right into their path. i know it’s wrong, but i do it anyway.

      @Greg – you are so right. everywhere on the road there are simple things people never do that would otherwise make driving so much more pleasant for us all. like the !@#$%!’ing pedestrians who each approach the crosswalk 3/4 of a car’s width apart. comon people, group together and let at least one freaking car get through!

  2. If you all weren’t putting on make up, texting your buddies, talking on the phone, eating your burger, or (mostly guys) picking your nose, them maybe we wouldn’t have to drive like assholes.

  3. At least the asshole in that diagram is using a turn signal.

    It’s bad enough when they do that crap, but I really want to ram people who don’t use turn signals. How freaking hard is it?

    And for the billionth time…a traffic signal that has gone on the fritz and is flashing yellow on the main road and red on the side street is NOT A FOUR-WAY STOP!!!!! Red stops and waits for a chance to go; yellow continues proceeding through the light.

  4. or you could chill out and think, it’s only gonna cost me 5 seconds, is 5 seconds worth the agro?

  5. This is one of my pet peeves when driving (one of many). The only thing to do is move up real close to the car in front and refuse to let them in.

  6. The picture is wrong in real life the asshole driver would be talking on the phone, wearing a hat, not have his turn signal on, at least two other wankers with the same idea and some poor bastard stuck behind them who wants to go straight on
    Just my 2 cents worth

  7. Wait….where’s the car driving up on the right shoulder cutting around? This must not be in Nashville.

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