6 thoughts on “Dad saves son in horrific crash”

  1. He certainly was Australian , it was the story and the news presenters that were British.And I agree with Joanne , as much as senior drivers may think they have a right to be on the roads , it is the broader community who should feel safe from these drivers , this happens time and time again here in Australia .

  2. I saw the story mentioned on Nine but I didn’t hear- why did the pensioner come up onto the footpath anyway? I know she’s at fault for hitting these people, but was she swerving to avoid another car or did she just forget which nice pedal was the brake?

  3. we had the state pull my grandma’s license when she got pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road. she said she couldn’t read the signs from her side so she drove on the other side to be closer to the sign’s. the cop didn’t even give her a ticket.

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