8 thoughts on “Attack of the killer squirrel”

  1. i agree there’s a chance that this is rabies, but i think there is a good chance also that there is something else taking place.

    1. squirrels are highly resistant to rabies. when i took in a baby north american grey a few years back i took it to a vet (part of the rehabilitation process) who assured me that rabies in squirrels is as uncommon as it is in humans. most squirrels with the opportunity to become infected are killed by the rabid predator, and those few that survive the attack either die quickly or do not become infected.

    2. this squirrel is chattering, mur’ing, and generally intense – this could be a show of strength often used to ward off predators.

    if not rabies, i think there’s a chance the videographers captured the squirrel and pissed it off, and that this squirrel has exceptionally big balls in that it is trying to ‘win’ a fight with humans. other than that, perhaps it is mentally disabled: could have been hit by a car etc. This would potentially lead to the same sort of mental retardation incurred by rabies.

    then again, there is still a very good chance it’s rabies: i sure don’t mean to sound like i’d rule that out. regardless, i think the little guy is in distress and i’d try to trap him and take him to a local vet.

  2. I hate effing squirrels. They eat all of my birdseed and destroy my bluebird houses and eat the babies. My first reaction would be to spray that little murderer with something toxic like insect spray.

  3. Hey Richard, put the bird seed where squirrels can’t get it. i.e. hang it from something. Birds fly, squirrels climb.

    Why put bluebird houses where any critter can get at them, coons, rats, mice, cats? Be a little creative.

    • I’ve had a lot of experience with squirrels and trust me, it is pretty much impossible to put out a bird feeder that they can’t get to. I’ve seen them jump 10-12 feet from a tree branch to the top of a feeder. I was able to stop them from chewing open the entrance hole in bluebird houses by installing steel rings in the openings.

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