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For some reason the original Comment Image plugin isn’t working.  I’ve found another plugin that does work, but the image has to be online already.  You just copy its location and paste in into the link below the comment box.

I’ll keep it until I can figure out how to get the other one to work.

As before PLEASE limit the size of images to 100K.

I’ve posted a comment with an image here for you to see.

18 thoughts on “Images in comments”

  1. [img][/img]

    This is the one I was trying to put on the mother’s day open mic. Testing to see if works now.

  2. Actually, if you’re just hotlinking images from another site, it doesn’t matter one bit how big the image is. It’s not chewing up your bandwidth (as in the amount of MB being downloaded from your server). There’s no need to limit it to 100K since it’s not actually storing it on your server.

    But, I’m for the old image uploader. The thumbnails are much better than these full size images. Especially for those of us who read B&P at work. Since you can’t control if the image will be WORK SAFE or not, it’s better to just have a thumbnail than a HUGE ASS on the screen.

    • Good points Sander. But for now, the other image plugin isn’t working. The fact that I’m saving bandwith and space makes this interesting. But I agree with the thought that small asses are better.

  3. I just tried the and uploaded this picture of Gus from my computer. I then copied the URL location and pasted it into the ‘You can add an image to your comment by clicking here’ link. It worked just fine.


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