10 thoughts on “20 Awesome things about bacon”

  1. HEY WAIT!!! Check out the date that’s circled up there. That date sounds familiar, no??!! NOM NOM NOM!!!
    Good plan, Jonco!

  2. odd thing about that vitamin B reference. Strict vegans have a problem with getting vitamin B. Most have to take a B-complex daily. Which sadly, I will be doing soon.

  3. bacon bits are vegetarian?! AWESOME!!!!!! i am so going to check next time i’m at publix

  4. DJ – yeah, I noticed that bacon day and the BABBQ will happen on the same day too. I think a celebration of bacon should happen at the BABBQ.

  5. Jonco, isn’t it about time for bacon-bits-and-pieces.com? You’ve got plenty of content for it.

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