Cake for Bobby Cox misspelled

Bobby Cox’s final season as Braves manager is not quite going as expected. The team is struggling and even a cake ordered for his honor on Capitol Hill spelled his name incorrectly.

I mean, REALLY incorrectly.

Bobby cocks

Cox was being honored for his 50 years in baseball. Senators Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) hosted a ceremony, inviting the Braves’ manager, as well as players and officials. But the cake, which was to read, “Thanks for 50 great years Bobby Cox” had an unfortunate and profane misspelling of his last name.


Thanks Mike F

12 thoughts on “Cake for Bobby Cox misspelled”

  1. I knew a guy whose mate’s surname was Cocks- to shorten his first name (in the great Aussie tradition), they’d call him Jezza. First time I was introduced to him, I thought his name was “Jizzing Cocks”
    Now THAT would be unfortunate!

  2. Cake was probably decorated by a fan of a rival. You’re all assuming it was a mistake. Could have been intentional.

  3. Bobby Sox lives up the street from me, I assume Bobby Cox lives in Atlanta. Bobby Sox prefers to be called Robert, but we prefer Bobby.

  4. We have a sports presenter here in Melbourne called Sandy Roberts , he was hosting a live televised event at the Melbourne Cup , where he had to introduce Miss Australia at the time Leanne Dick , the problem was that Sandy must have tried to remember her surname by picturing something in his mind and unfortunately on live television in front of a millions of viewers he introduced her as Leanne Cock.

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