14 thoughts on “Lord Jesus Christ injured”

  1. Shoulda walked across the lake on the other side of the road…it woulda been safer.

    Yeah, when I read this article yesterday, I was cracking up! So funny!

  2. Hahaha…I live in Pittsfield. The first time we make national news in a few years and it’s because one of the locals ran over Jesus Christ. Figures.

  3. Some people have no business procreating. Naming a child Lord Jesus Christ should qualify as cruelty.

  4. hahah! wow, that’s my neck of the woods!! i live about 15 minutes from northampton (called NoHo by the locals) and 15 minutes the other direction is belchertown (obligatory ‘saying the name while burping’ comment).

    umm, that’s it actually. i don’t want to associate myself any further with the sorts of ppl who actually change their legal name to a character from a book intentionally meant to control and subdue the masses. i’m out (and probably failing to prevent myself from offending the True Believer of the christian world).

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